Download StarStruck's Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities_2019 (pdf)


☆ The "YOUR NAME" Performance Education Center


This opportunity is for the exterior section of StarStruck along Central Parkway. StarStruck serves as a gateway to downtown Stuart. Thousands of people - visitors and residents alike - pass StarStruck and will see your name in lights displayed along the top perimeter beam. Your significant and meaningful gift will forever remind all who pass by and enter that the performing arts are alive and well on the Treasure Coast, thanks to you!

☆ The "DAVID L. SMYTHE" Children's Theatre


This opportunity is no longer available thanks to the generous support of




This opportunity is no longer available thanks to the generous support of


☆ The “YOUR NAME” Acting Studio


StarStruck's Acting Studio is the dream child of co-founder and Artistic Director, Jennifer Jones. Students in her acting classes will rehearse each week honing their performance skills and the plays she directs will have their own stage. This flex space will also be used for tap classes, VIP StarStruck programming and private events that will benefit other non-profit organizations.

☆ The "LAZARUS LOUNGE" Lobby Bar


This opportunity is no longer available thanks to the generous support of 


☆ The "YOUR NAME" Dressing Room


Every night before a show, the actors prepare for their moment: make-up, hair, costumes... and then...PLACES! Leave your indelible mark on one of the most fast-paced rooms in the building!

☆ The “YOUR NAME” Technical Booth


The “Tech Booth,” the innovation hub of every show, houses the lighting computers, sound board, spot lights and digital piano- everything the audience needs to enhance the entire theatrical experience.

☆ The "YOUR NAME" Scene Shop


Wood flats, drills, saws, paint... a talented scenic designer and set constructor can make magic out of these materials. The scene shop is the first place a director’s vision comes to life.

☆ The "YOUR NAME" Rehearsal Studio


StarStruck‘s rehearsal studio is the center of all creativity. It is where our director, choreographer and music director meet our casts for the very first time… where auditions happen and cast members meet and greet, making friendships that last a lifetime. Ballet, jazz, tap and musical theater teachers influence eager students as dance moves and vocals are executed in front of the mirrored walls. Getting “on stage” at StarStruck begins here!

☆ The "YOUR NAME" Costume Shop


The wardrobe area grows with each show. Every theatre has a dedicated space for costume designers to work and create special pieces for shows directing attention to specific time periods.

☆ The “YOUR NAME” Box Office


The first place people see when they arrive for a show, event, or class. Every single person who enters StarStruck passes through this space.

☆ The “YOUR NAME” Dance Studio


The state-of-the-art dance floors are a testament to StarStruck’s commitment to safety and excellence. A sprung floor covered with ROSCO marley flooring creates the best surface for all styles of dance. This is also a very popular room for special events. 

☆ The “YOUR NAME” Private Teaching Studio of Jennifer Jones


This is the room where it happens! From production meetings to private acting lessons to choosing of the seasons big shows, Jennifer's office is the root of the StarStruck family tree.

☆ The “YOUR NAME” Teaching Studio of Peter Jones


Here's your chance to name the private teaching studio of the Treasure Coast's beloved music educator and music director, StarStruck Theatre's co-owner, Peter Jones!  He has been hard at work cultivating the world's next generation of artists for more than 25 years.  In addition to his musical performances in theaters throughout New York and Florida, Peter performs onstage and rehearses in this very studio!

☆ The “YOUR NAME” Music Studio A or B


These private rooms are ideal for students of all ages to study piano, voice and guitar.

☆ The “NANCY MARIN” Faculty Green Room


This opportunity is no longer available thanks to the generous support of


☆ The “YOUR NAME” Theatre Seat


Friends, supporters and local businesses have already dedicated a seat in the theatre to celebrate and honor someone they love and admire.  We invite you to join them by sponsoring a seat and becoming a permanent part of StarStruck Theatre.  Your seat is waiting...